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A moment in the midst of blooming rose fields. The clean beauty brand maijuni produces rose blossom water, accompanying the process from the cultivation of the plants to the processing and production of the cosmetic products. The water made from the opened blossoms of the Bulgarian Damascus rose is suitable for all skin types, especially for very sensitive skin and skin prone to inflammation.  

Product details: 

  • Rich grape seed facial oil from the grapes of a small organic winery from the Thracian Valley
  • Strong antioxidant, cell membrane protecting effect due to the high content of polyphenols
  • Promotes the absorption capacity of the skin, especially for fat-soluble vitamins
  • The high content of linoleic acid counteracts cornification
  • Anti-inflammatory properties are optimal against acne, oily and combination skin
  • Activates cell renewal and has a regenerative effect on the upper layers of the skin
  • Bottled in biophotonic glass, which naturally filters the spectrum of visible sunlight and allows only parts of the infrared and UVA light waves or "violet" light to pass through. It protects the precious contents from spoilage by sunlight and thus increases the shelf life and effectiveness of our flower water.
  • 30ml (83,33 € | 100ml) 


  • Use the facial oil for cleansing as well as for care.
  • First massage the oil into the uncleansed facial skin with circular movements
  • Then moisten your hands and massage the face again. The oil emulsifies and becomes milky
  • Now rinse thoroughly with warm water
  • Now apply the oil to cleansed skin by placing a few drops on your hand and massaging evenly. You can use it in combination with our rose floral water or your day/night cream
  • Our grape seed oil can also be used to make your own face masks and cosmetic products or as a carrier oil for essential oils
  • Grape seed oil as a leave-in conditioner: Distribute 2-5 drops in the hair and comb through carefully. For hair prone to split ends, apply directly to the ends

Production & Ingredients (INCI): 

  • Made in Bulgaria
  • Ingredients: Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil (Grape Seed Oil)*.*Raw material from controlled organic cultivation

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