Made from fully compostable certified fibres, yoga brand Wellicious is a real star in the yoga universe. It is the first brand in the wellbeing cosmos to receive a gold Cradle to Cradle certification as well as a platinum certification for its fabrics.

 Made in Europe Zero Waste Vegan Eco-Friendly Fair  Recycled Organic 


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The two founders Cinthia Bires and Heike Petersen Cunza both share a passion for sustainable fashion and are passionate about respecting and protecting our planet. Although their yoga brand, founded in 2017, has never been manufactured outside of Europe and they were very early adopters of only organic cotton, Heike additionally earned a Sustainable Supply Chain Certificate at Cambridge University. Her goal was to make Wellisious a truly sustainable brand - questioning every step of the production process in order to build a truly transparent, ethical and eco-friendly business from the ground up. After six years of rigorous research and breakthroughs in sustainable materials, Wellicious launched its first compostable collection. 

Heike Petersen Cunza, one of the founders of Wellicious

Cinthia and Heike believe in quality over quantity. Wellicious not only produces in Europe, but is Cradle to Cradle Gold certified. Unlike other certifications that usually focus on a single criterion of sustainability, Cradle-to-Cradle evaluates all aspects of product design and manufacturing: Material health, recyclability, clean air, climate protection, water and soil conservation, and social fairness.

In addition, Wellicious is made from fully compostable, certified fibres that are in harmony with biological cycles. When recycled, the clothes are turned into compost (organic nutrients) that can be used to grow materials such as cotton for new garments - in line with the concept of the circular economy. Because of this, the materials have been awarded the Cradle to Cradle platinum certificate.


Of course, yoga clothing needs a lot of flexibility to allow movement easily. The flexibility of the fabric is achieved through an innovative new degradable elastane (the only elastane to be classified as non-ecotoxic by the Hohenstein Institutes).

This makes Wellicious yoga fashion not only groundbreakingly sustainable, but also breathable, supple and manufactured to last a long time.