The German genuine jewelry label Maren Jewellery stands for climate-positive luxury inspired by nature. For timeless design and minimal lines. For local manufacturing in Germany from recycled gold and silver with synthetic eco-diamonds. 

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Even as a child, Helge Maren Hauptmann, founder of Maren Jewellery, was fascinated by the emotional meaning that pieces of jewelry can convey. She began designing her own jewelry. After several internships in goldsmiths, she finally studied jewelry design in Pforzheim.

Maren Jewellery

Helge Maren Hauptmann, the founder and designer of Maren Jewellery

After 10 years in the jewelry industry, the last years of which she worked as Head of Design for a well-known German jewelry company, Helge Maren decided to start her own jewelry label.

"I am drawn to timeless designs and minimal lines. As little as possible, as much as necessary: minimal-timeless. My most fruitful source of inspiration is nature, which speaks the language I want to speak with my jewelry as well, through quiet, clean lines."

Her personal drive: to combine her passion for sustainability, zero waste and vegan lifestyle with her love for jewelry design. Her goal: luxury jewelry based on mindfulness, responsibility and sustainability.
To achieve this, she takes a holistic approach. Maren Jewellery uses only sustainable materials: recycled 18-karat gold, recycled 925 sterling silver, and lab-grown synthetic eco-diamonds. These are used in place of natural diamonds, whose origins are all too often questionable, being sourced from war zones or scooped from the depths of mines by children. In addition, they produce locally under fair conditions. The packaging is produced completely without plastic in Germany.

Maren Jewellery
All Maren Jewelry Pieces are handcrafted locally in Germany

Due to the mindful production, the jewelry is CO2 reduced and consumes on average 73 x less CO2 than conventionally produced jewelry.
To become carbon neutral, Maren works with Choose, an initiative that creates projects to reduce and offset CO2 consumption. For every piece of jewelry Maren produces, 100 kilograms of CO2 is offset. That actually makes Maren Jewellery climate positive.

“For me, Maren Jewellery is just that: luxury jewelry based on mindfulness, responsibility and sustainability.”

Maren is the first German jewelry brand to be a certified B Corporation. This recognizes companies with the highest social and environmental standards. The company is also RJC certified and regularly donates 3% to the Earthbeat Foundation. An organization that aims to create new sources of income in localities where people live from smallscale mining, so that nature can heal and people no longer have to rely on illegal mining, which is not only dangerous but also very harmful to the environment.