Maison O Paris

French designer label Maison O Paris is equally synonymous with French elegance and sustainability. They use ecological and recyclable fabrics sourced in Europe and manufactured in Spain.  

 Made in Europe Zero Waste Eco-Friendly Fair Handcrafted  Organic 


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Ombeline Bourgeois always wanted to start her own fashion label. She studied fashion design in Paris and London and then worked for several luxury Parisian designer labels. 

Maison O Paris
Ombeline Bourgeois, the founder and designer of Maison O Paris

Too often, she encountered greenwashing and realized that the values of these companies were not in line with her own vision. While at Covid, she decided to start her own label. Her goal: to design and manufacture clothing in a way that reduced its impact on the planet while raising awareness of the industry's responsibility for climate justice.

Her label, Maison O Paris, founded in 2022, combines ecology with sensuality and femininity. French sophistication aimed at women who value detail and elegance and are guided by ethical values.
High quality eco-certified materials from Europe are used. The focus is on natural and recyclable fibers. 90% of the organic cotton is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and does not use pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. The organic silk is produced in Italy according to the GOTS standard, whereby the caterpillars are "fed" with the leaves of organic mulberry trees. The denim is designed to be recycled, reused and recycled. The wool is certified by the Responsible Wool Standard or Cardato Recycled and is made from recycled textiles as well as virgin fibers. No fur, leather or feathers are used. The manufacturing is made in cooperation with a workshop in Spain in a traditional way. Ombeline Bourgeois regularly visits her partners to check the quality of working conditions. In this way, she promotes short distances, ethical production and compliance with European standards.

Maison O Paris
Beautiful details at Maison O Paris

For the cashmere products, she works closely with a workshop in the heart of Mongolia, a region known for its exceptional A+ quality Mongolian cashmere. The on-site workshop works with local farmers to control the number of animals per hectare and avoid overgrazing and desertification. From raw materials to processing and dyeing methods to wastewater management, the latest available technologies are used. Yarns are dyed, spun and manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner by ensuring that no harmful chemicals are used in the production process and no pollutants are released into the water or air.

At Maison O Paris, sustainable luxury is not a trend, but a real, long-term vision.