The Hamburg-based jewelry label LLR Studios combines contemporary design, a mix & match principle and an inherited passion. Handcrafted designs from recycled precious materials, fairmade in Germany. LLR Studios is much more than just a jewelry label. It stands for a philosophy that harmonizes contemporary design with family values.  

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LLR Studios was founded by the two sisters Lena and Luisa Rotetzki from Hamburg. Already as children they discovered their passion for jewelry through their grandmother's unique collection. 

"Since we were children, we have admired the precious gemstones, diamonds, gold and silver jewelry from our grandmother and listened to her stories. It's a fascination that has stuck with us ever since."

However, before Lena and Luisa started their jewelry label, both were in full-time jobs. Luisa worked at About You after studying fashion management in Nagold and Dublin, and Lena joined Beiersdorf following a business degree in Lüneburg.

Lena and Luisa Rotetzki, the two founding sisters of LLR Studios.

In 2018, they gave up their jobs and decided to start their own label out of their love for jewelry. Initially still in Luisa's living room, and with the support and help of friends and family - the first pieces of jewelry, the concept and the online store were created.

"We are not only sisters, we are also best friends. And it was always clear to us that if we wanted to start our own business, it would be together. We were both at a point in life where we had no desire to work in a corporate setting anymore, and jewelry was meaningful to us from a young age on."

Their grandmother's passion is still the inspiration for many of their designs today. However, it is by no means limited to the artistic design of the individual pieces, with which the sisters connect past and present. Rather, they focus on celebrating the awareness and inherent value of a piece of jewelry. Instead of creating ephemeral accessories, they foreground appreciation with timeless, contemporary favorites.

LLR Studios

Through a mix & match system, all LLR Studios jewelry can be adorned with colorful gemstones such as prase, lapis lazuli, calcite and tiger's eye, depending on the mood or occasion. Natural, curved baroque beads can be added to linear, cool link necklaces in a snap. The customer can always create a new look with just one pair of creoles by adding different gemstone and pearl pendants, or can wear the Basic Creole without pendants wonderfully plain in everyday life.

"Sustainability has always been a high priority for us - we consider ourselves as founders with social responsibility from the very beginning and strive for a manufacturing process that is as sustainable as possible."

All products are manufactured in Germany by small businesses. They only use recycled silver and gold. Materials such as pearls and individual gemstones LLR Studios obtains from German suppliers who have their cultivation facilities in the respective countries of origin.

LLR Studios