Sustainability through longevity. The Finnish shoe brand Terhi Pölkki makes high-quality shoes in timeless designs from vegetable-tanned leather. Quality meets design, function and comfort - handmade in Portugal. 

 Made in Europe Eco-Friendly Fair Handcrafted Recycled Organic 


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Terhi Pölkki is a Finnish shoe designer. She founded her eponymous label in 2011, but her personal story began years earlier. Terhi was born and raised in a small town in Finland. Her dream was to become a fashion designer, but already in her school days during a job in a shoe shop her fascination for shoes was awakened.

"Shoes are something in between fashion and product design. At the same time, I can be creative and practical and that suits me well”, Terhi explains.

She completed a BA in Footwear Design in Finland and then moved to London. In 2008, she graduated with a Master of Arts in Fashion Footwear from the London College of Fashion. She then worked for several premium shoe brands in Great Britain for several years.


Terhi Pölkki, the founder of the eponymous label

The desire for her own label arose during her time in London. After visiting shoe factories all over the world, she realized that her own label needed to be based on ecological values. She wanted to do things differently and respect people and nature.
Back in Helsinki, she founded Terhi Pölkki. Her personal roots still have a big influence on the designs. She likes to spend time outdoors, that's where she finds her inspiration. Finnish nature with all its colors plays the main role in her collections. The shoes are meant to be everyday shoes, made to be worn - both beautiful and practical. Minimalist luxury with a touch of edge.
Especially important: all shoes should last a long time - through classic, timeless design and high-quality materials. This is part of the sustainability concept. Leather is a durable, breathable and high-quality material. With proper care, it is particularly long-lasting and thus reduces further environmental impact. The cowhide used at Terhi Pölkki is a by-product of the meat industry and is vegetable tanned, chrome and carbide free. On top
lots of wood, recycled felt, merino wool, natural rubber, organic cotton and recycled soles is used.

Terhi Pölkki


Terhi Pölkki
Manufacturing the shoes in a family owned factory in Portugal

All leather shoes are made in a small family-run factory in Portugal in compliance with EU legislation. The materials also come from Europe, most of them from Portugal. The organic cotton comes from Italy, the waterproof suede from Germany. The organic cotton comes from Italy, the waterproof suede from Germany.
Terhi knows all the people who produce her shoes personally. She visits the family owned factory with 12 employes regularly to ensure the best materials, fit and working conditions.
At Terhi Pölkki, there are many classic models that remain in the collections year after year. Instead of designing and producing new shoes all the time, Terhi prefers to reinvent the old models and continuously improve them. Long live the perfect shoe.